A High-End Multidimensional Software

Arena Third Eye is a high-end multidimensional analytic software embedded in AVACS PRO platform.

The Third Eye delivers immediately responsive reports and analytics in front- end tools. Being embedded in the AVACS PRO database, it allows integrated management and control of data in a secure, scalable, user-friendly and business-ready platform.

Using our business intelligence analytic tool you can process and filter large volumes of data, from different perspectives, and visualize key insights and KPIs that will lead to:

  • Maximizing efficiency by analyzing and reporting on sales and operational activities.
  • Discovering trends that will enhance the marketing strategy and will lead to greater market share.
  • Improving the company’s financials by receiving better insights of the organization financial data and status.

Provide your staff and management with the power to analyze significant data, quickly and reliably, discover trends and see exceptions. Report why things are happening in the industry you operate or in your company’s business procedures that will lead to better decision making and strategy defining.